From losing the north we make fashion with love from organic and environmentally respectful materials. Comfortable fashion, Mediterranean style and suitable for all public.
We are a local brand, designed on the Costa Brava, which aims to convey with a word game, an crazy message and "goodrolist." We are passionate about the sea, the sun, music, good weather, travel and good life, so we always look for the south, not only geographically speaking, but the south as a concept. Of joy, heat, sympathy, vitality and light. At the same time, we recognize that sometimes we lose the north, also figuratively. We disorient ourselves. We lose ourselves to meet again. We lose ourselves to grow. Losing the north, it grows step by step, day after day, since a few months ago, by chance he made a conversation between two friends the fun phrase "looking for the south, losing the north" that is our motto and Our image and with which we feel so identified.